Rani Pillay

Rani Pillay graduated from the University of Natal with a BProc. degree. She was awarded the University of Natal Undergraduate Scholarship and the Butterworths’ Scholarship for Best First Year Law Student. After completion of her undergraduate degree, Rani registered for the Interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Child Care and Protection from which she graduated magna cum laude. Thereafter, Rani completed an LLM degree with specialisation in Medical Law, Trial Advocacy, Constitutional Law and Child Law. Subsequently, Rani has completed various qualifications across different disciplines.

Rani has held several academic positions, including Research Assistant at the University of Cape Town, tutor and lecturer at the University of Natal, and Programme Co-ordinator of the Interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Child Care and Protection at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Rani also served as a Local Director of the Part-Time Practical Legal Training Programme run by the Legal Education and Development unit of the Law Society of South Africa from 2003-2013. In 2014, Rani joined the Independent Institute of Education’s Varsity College as the Programme Manager for the School of Law. Currently, Rani is reading for an LLD under the supervision of Professor Trynie Boezaart and Professor Erika de Wet.

Rani’s research interests are Child Law, Constitutional Law, Medical Law and Bioethics.