Antal Berkes, a postdoctoral research fellow affiliated with the SARChI Professorship in International Constitutional Law, together with Dr. Valentina Azarova (University of Manchester/Bard College Berlin), has been selected to present a paper at the Workshop on “A Review of Current Trends in Foreign Relations Law” in Dornburg, Germany (

The Conference which takes place on the 9th-10th May are convened by Prof. Dr. Helmut Aust (Freie Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kleinlein. The title of the presentation of Valentina and Antal is “The international obligation of non-recognition as a norm of transnational foreign relations law”.

The aims to bring together scholars working in the field of international law, constitutional law and public law in order to survey recent trends in an emerging field whose contours are still subject to debate. In particular, participants will assess whether there are comparable trends across jurisdictions – in legislation, case law and the academic discourse.