Marko Svicevic, a doctoral candidate affiliated with the SARChI Professorship in International Constitutional Law, has been selected to present a working paper at the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law’s 2019 International Peace and Security Law Interest Group (IPSIG). This year’s IPSIG workshop takes place on 31 May and will be hosted at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide.

The title of Svicevic’s paper is “Security Council authorization of regional enforcement action: law and practice of African regional and sub-regional organisations in matters of peace and security and the (continued) need for prior, explicit Security Council authorization.”

The aim of the IPSIG workshop is to bring together a select few academics, research higher degree students, government lawyers, members of civil society and other practitioners of international law to discuss matters of peace and security in their fields. Among the topics of focus include the law on the use of force (jus ad bellum), collective security under the UN Charter, the law of armed conflict (jus in bello) and the law of peacekeeping (see